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2017 Annual Dinner and Auction

A huge thank you to our nearly 200 attendees at this year’s annual dinner and auction! 2017 was our most successful year yet!








View more pictures here. All pictures courtesy of Liz Satterthwaite.


View pictures from past dinner auctions here.

President Theresa Pan-Hosley – Greater Tacoma Peace Prize 2016 Laureate

Congratulations to our board president Theresa Pan-Hosley for receiving the 2016 Greater Tacoma Peace Prize! The text of her speech can be read below. Learn more about the Tacoma Peace Prize here.


Good evening everyone!  It is an honor to be here with you all tonight and I am grateful to be here to celebrate what I see as a crucial part of our culture.

When I see peace, I see serenity and graceful movement.  When I hear peace I listen for soothing tones.  When I smell peace is smell a freshness and a crispness of the air.  And when I say peace, it is with joy.  But when I make peace, it is with passion, effort, sweat and thoughtfulness.  This is one of the many reasons I appreciate The Greater Tacoma Peace Prize’s effort to celebrate the term “peace”.  Peace typically can be simplified to the absence of conflict or lack of activity.  But peace ultimately is an action.  Finding peace of mind takes self control.  And peace on a worldly scale takes understanding of the differences that ultimately unify us.  There are so many aspects(ways) of obtaining this harmony that cannot be done without effort of all parties involved.  And this is clear in our efforts with the Chinese Reconciliation Park.  Not only have I been able to work with our Board members to bring our vision of peace to life, but our great city of Tacoma had join us in our efforts.  We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to reconcile the tragic expulsion of the Chinese community in November 1885.  And as our board knows, over 20 years of work has gone into bringing everything to fruition.  The location of the park is very close to where the old Chinese community was.  So, the park is the home of where the heart is.  From the very beginning, it was our core mission to create a safe place for all visitors regardless of personal background and personal beliefs.  Our hope is that our park will bring a sense of reconciliation and acceptance.  As the King of Norway recently stated “despite our differences, we are one people”. (I hope my belief in peace will go as viral as King’s speech) I appreciate this honor because it affirms that the park’s vision is bringing attention to the fact that our vision of peace and reconciliation is evident.  This is honoring not only the hours of work put into the park, but everyone’s personal work to find peace and bring peace to everyone.

Thank you all for such a lovely evening.

Documentary “Of Race and Reconciliation” Available on KBTC

Dear members and friends,

We are proud to announce the release of the film, “Of Race and Reconciliation,” which tells the story of the “Tacoma Method” and our reconciliation effort. KBTC will air the one-hour documentary “Of Race and Reconciliation” on their website.

Our sincere gratitude to KBTC for the production of the film and all the donors for their generous support and contribution to make this project possible:

Sponsor Level: $10,000
The Russel Family Foundation

Sponsor Level: $5,000
Chinese Reconciliation Project Foundation
Bates Family Foundation
KBTC (in-kind)

Sponsor Level: $2,500
CHI Franciscan Health
MultiCare Health System

We look forward to sharing the documentary with our members and a wider audience form the community and nationwide in future CRPF events!

News Tribune Article on Moon Festival

After a year’s break, the Tacoma Moon Festival is coming back Saturday afternoon in Reconciliation Park on Tacoma’s waterfront. The free festival features lion dancers, Chinese opera, tea, Tibetan beer and more.

Read more here.

Tacoma Moon Festival Photo Contest

Enter now to participate in the 2016 Tacoma Moon Festival Photo Contest! Share your photos of the 2016 Tacoma Moon Festival to enter the festival’s photo contest! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and tag #MoonFestival253. You also can submit photos by email to There are three categories: Landscape, Culture and Festival Spirit.

The winning photos will appear on the Chinese Reconciliation Project Foundation and Tacoma Moon Festival Website and Facebook pages and in future print and online promotional materials with credits to the winning photographers. The winning photographers will be invited to a special reception and will receive Tacoma Moon Festival prizes. Your pictures also will help build excitement about the Moon Festival and Chinese Reconciliation Park – thank you!

All photographs must be taken on the day of the Tacoma Moon Festival, September 24, 2016. All photographs must be submitted no later than September 30, 2016. Thank you for helping us share the story of this special place!

Chinese Reconciliation Project Brochure

Take a look at an old brochure describing the Chinese expulsion and reconciliation process here!

Letters from Sequoyah Middle School Students

Recently 7th grade students at Sequoyah Middle School in Federal Way completed a unit on the Chinese Expulsion and wrote letters to CRPF board members. The letters can be read here. Thanks to all of the students and teacher Amy Heritage-McDonald for all of your work!

A Journey To Reconciliation

KBTC Documentary Film Project Tells the Story of the “Tacoma Method” and Its Reconciliation Effort

For a short sample of the documentary, please click here.

The film is now in production with $5,000 in-kind contribution provided by KBTC, and matching CRPF’s contribution of $5,000.

Our sincere gratitude to the following donors for their generous support and contribution to make this project possible:

Sponsor Level: $10,000
The Russel Family Foundation 

Sponsor Level: $5,000
Bates Family Foundation
KBTC (in-kind)

Sponsor Level: $2,500
CHI Franciscan Health                                              
MultiCare Health System   

We look forward to the final release of the film and its premiere to share with our members, our community and other nation-wide audience.

Vandalism at Tacoma Chinese Reconciliation Park

The stone lions guarding the Ting were damaged during the weekend of April 21.

You can read more about the vandalism from Q13 Fox and KIRO7 News.

Board member Lihuang Wung also wrote a report showing before and after photos of the lions.


lion 1





Male lion at installation in 2011


lion 2




Male lion after vandalism


If you would like to show your support for the park, we encourage you to send in your photos of the lions and the Ting. If you have any leads to report on the vandalism, please contact Tacoma City Police.


Please also mark your calendars for our 2016 Moon Festival celebration on September 24! More information will be coming soon.



Join us March 4 at 5:30 pm for our Annual Dinner and Auction!

Enjoy great food, beer and wine with friends, learn more about the Chinese Reconciliation Project Foundation and exciting plans for the park.


No-host Bar • Catered Chinese Dinner • Auctions • Raffle • Dessert Dash

Tickets are $60 in advance

Bates Technical College, 1101 S Yakima Ave, Tacoma, WA 98405

Seating is limited – please reserve your space now at:

View pictures from past dinner auctions here.

View the program and schedule here.